Hybrid work management simplified

Say 'Goodbye' to spreadsheets and 'Hello' to automated office operations. Desk bookings, team presence management and contact tracing - all combined in one workplace management platform.

Simplifying office management with more than 5.000 workspace reservations every months

Support your workforce
across all functions

Rimoto provides the best employee experience for teams of any kind.
Full-time in the office, remote, or a mix of both.

Easy desk or room booking

Employees can easily check into the office and see which of their team mates is coming in. Desks, rooms & parking slots are all bookable with Rimoto based our best in class 2-click booking experience.

Manage team availability

Managing the culture of hybrid teams is a huge challenge. Rimoto helps team leads to keep track of who is working from where and coordinate regular in-person meetings in the office.

Bring everyone back safe the office

Maintain a safe work environment in times of Covid-19 by keeping a record on employees that came to the office on specific day. Control who has access to specific rooms or floors.

Optimize office capacity

See how your employees use the office, collect feedback, and find opportunities to improve. Get deep insights into your office occupancies and optimize office capacity over time.

The workspace platform your team will love

Rimoto is your tool of choice for a seamless transition to a hybrid work company.

  • Easy workspace with two clicks
  • Touchless office sign in with QR codes
  • See which team mates are in the office
  • Customization of workspace reservation work flows (desks, rooms, floors)
  • Manage & optimize your office capacities
  • Provide a safe workplace with contact tracing and health status checks
  • Create specific team rules and preferences
  • Reserve parking lots

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Coming soon

Covid-19 status tracking and access management

Are you introducing Covid-19 rules such as 2G (vaccinated, recovered), 2G+ (vaccinated, recovered both plus a negative test) or 3G (vaccinated, recovered or tested) in your company?

Rimoto provides an easy to use access management workflow to help you create a safe work place and comply with health policies - all without storing any sensitive health data of your workforce.

Contact us to learn more about this upcoming feature.

Platform integrations

Rimoto integrates with the tools you already know and love to provide a holistic user experience.

Reserve for the next day and get reminders on upcoming reservations

Synchronization with HRIS to automatically update users on Rimoto

Use Google workspace email accounts
for easy employee onboarding

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